CV Design Sidewalk Sale

Hello all!

I am organizing a downtown-wide Sidewalk Sale this Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  The weather is beautiful and I think we can really draw some people down, our sidewalk sales have always been a big hit.  All we ask is that you let Christine know if you will be participating as she and other businesses will be pushing out all of the info via their social media and email lists and would love to list you as a participant!

You don’t need to do anything special other than set up a table, rack, etc with some items, preferably at a slight discount.  If you’re a restaurant and would like to do mini tastings or sell something on the sidewalk that is welcome too!

I hope you’ll join us for this event and that it will be a big success for all of us.

Thank you!
If you have any questions you can reach out directly to Christine at 315-406-7384.

Christine VanDusen
Blush by CVDesigns
102 Fall Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
(315) 406-7384 (